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Posted by Sam Acri on Aug 15 2009 at 05:54AM PDT in 2009 Summer

Not that I would admit to make any mistakes, :)

But there is one thing that I keep forgetting to do.

During many of my after game speeches I often thank the players and parents for all there hard work, unfortunately I keep forgetting the group of guys that have come together to make this all possible, the coaches.

I know on paper I am listed as the manager, but that is only because someone has to take that position, Bob, Ray, Al & Mike are a very special group who I could not do any of this without. Each one has provided me with knowledge & support that has made the team what it is today.

Thank You Guys.

Coach Sam


2009-08-16T07:22:45.000-07:00August 16 2009, at 07:22 AM PDT, Al coster said:

Thank you Sam, but the fact of the matter is that I enjoy the work and it has been my priveledge to work with you guys, the kids and all the parents. Thanks for letting us be a part of what will be an exciting program.
Coach Al

2009-08-18T09:20:08.000-07:00August 18 2009, at 09:20 AM PDT, Ray Valeriano said:

Thanks Sam, It has truly been a privilage to be part of what I believe is the "Perfect Storm". This group of Players, Coaches, and Parents are very special and the sky is the limit.

2009-08-18T18:19:20.000-07:00August 18 2009, at 06:19 PM PDT, Jim Rullo said:

9 yr old Rebels,
I have known Sam since 1995 when he coached my oldest son (yes, Sam is that old!) We felt as priviledged as you feel to have Sam as our coach. He is a teacher, a motivator, a passionate coach that will extract every ounce of ability from your child and turn it into baseball magic. He makes it look easy but we’ll never really know the hours he puts in to give his teams the edge it needs to compete.
Congratulations Sam, coaches, players and parents on your very successful 2009 season, winning Oceanside and South Shore Tournaments. Good luck in the fall . . .

2009-08-21T06:17:15.000-07:00August 21 2009, at 06:17 AM PDT, Mike Conry said:

Right back at ya, Sam. It’s truly a pleasure.

To Jim’s point, I’m certain not everyone realizes the level of effort, time and personal sacrifice you make for our kids. I have an idea, I know it’s a rare thing, and it is very greatly appreciated.

The bottom line is the answer to the questions: Are our kids having fun? And are they learning the many valuable life-lessons that can be imparted by the great game of baseball? The answer to both is a resounding yes and it doesn’t get any better than that.

Thanks to all of the coaching staff for creating these great opportunities, experiences and memories for our kids — and for all of us.

2009-08-25T07:55:02.000-07:00August 25 2009, at 07:55 AM PDT, Bob Delaney said:

Thanks for the kind words Sam. It has been a great season and a real pleasure being a part of this team.