Posted by Mike Conry on Jun 24 2009 at 12:23PM PDT in 2009 Summer

Coach Sam and I saw a lot of ugly slides at Monday’s practice. This is a very fundamental aspect of baseball that you all need to do and do well.

Please work on it at home or a nearby park or field. I suggest that you kick off your shoes (so you don’t snag a spike while you’re perfecting your technique; wear old socks :-)) and practice on grass. Set up a makeshift movable base as target. Start about 50 feet away and run hard. Work on sliding straight in, to the inside of the base, to the outside of the base, and then the ‘slide-by slide’ where you slide wide to the side of the base and get it with your hand. Then work on sliding straight in and popping up onto your feet.

These are some of ‘the little things’ that can make or break a play, a big inning, or a game.


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