What I did this off-season...

Posted by Mike Conry on Dec 01 2012 at 02:51PM PST in 2012-2013 Winter

If you’re anything like me, surviving these months without any baseball games is a bit of a struggle.

BUT, that doesn’t mean mean we have to go months without baseball! Far from it. In fact, baseball is still at the forefront of this team’s thoughts and actions.

First and foremost, we have recently confirmed our player roster for going into the 2013 season, having signed up three new players. Welcome Jacob Cheshire, Will Shaw, and Chris Wasson to our Prospects’ family!

The full roster is: Alec Acri, Jacob Cheshire, Matt Conry, Matt Coster, Jack Delaney, Billy McAdam, Matt Nilsen, Brian Porricelli, Will Shaw, Eric Solomon, Nick Valeriano, and Chris Wasson.

So as not to interfere with players’ school ball schedules in the spring, our game play will be limited to tournaments only. However, we will be working hard at Prospects practices each weekend.

We’ll then look forward to summer and fall league play with local and travel tournament play throughout.

In the meanwhile, we expect players to be working through the winter on our off-season workout plan for building functional strength, agility and speed, and continuing with any individual plans you have for hitting and pitching instruction.

We will also be providing you with information throughout the off-season related to improving the mental aspects of your game. Your ‘mental fitness’ in the great game of baseball — a sport known as “the thinking man’s game” as well as “a game of failure” (and how you manage it) — is every bit as critical to success as your physical fitness!

We expect to get the players together in the coming weeks to review the physical workout plan and clarify expectations.

Some things change and some things stay the same. One that is constant is: champions are made in the off-season.

See you soon,
Coach Mike


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